We have come a long way!

Symbolic signage came into existence very early when individuals drew a picture on the entrance of their cave or hut indicating to others that they had products to exchange.

Tradesmen’s signs were prevalent in ancient Egypt and Greece – sometimes painted, sometimes carved in stone. Many have been uncovered in the ruins of Pompeii and other cities.


During the 17th and 18th centuries it was an endless vista of colourful signboards hanging from shops and houses along narrow streets.

Merchants competed for trade by using larger and larger signs so an ordinance was passed in 1761 requiring signs to be fixed against shop walls and projection from buildings was limited to 4 inches.


The beginning of sign regulation!

The 1890’s produced technical innovations that would accelerate the growth of the sign industry. Neon gas was discovered in 1898 and a neon tube was produced in 1910. The first recorded use of a neon-luminous sign was in 1921 and it contained just the word “Packard”.


Post WWII the technological advances of the war, demanded and delivered new designs and materials for our industry.

The use of plastics, mainly acrylics, in custom signs called for new design, fabrication, moulding skills and illumination.

Technology and electronic developments in other industries have led to changes and advancement in the signage industry today – improved acrylics, material developments including vinyls, advancement in machinery and computer technology and the major leap forward in LED modules for illumination.


And at Albert Smith Signs we have definitely come a long way!

Compare our dentist sign of yesteryear to our dentist sign of today!


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Full Service Signmaker – Committed to Quality and Innovation

Our story began in 1873. At Albert Smith Signs we continue to manufacture quality products with the same pride and integrity as our founders.

Albert Smith Signs offers much more than just manufacturing and installation of your branding!

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Our full service solutions encompass the capabilities to assist you at every stage of your project: design-3d modelling- on site audits- council applications- engineering –project management- manufacture- installation – ongoing service and preventative maintenance.

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Wherever the project, whatever the project we will work with you to develop an innovative and quality solution that ensures the ongoing success of your branding program.

Whether your branding needs include: building signs both internal and external, illuminated LED signs, high level signs, pylon signs, way finding, 3D lettering, architectural features, public art or kiosks, we deliver innovation and quality. Our total in- house manufacturing facility allows us to achieve the highest quality and standards for your signage products .

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We enjoy long standing relationships with small private companies, major corporates across many industry sectors, councils and governments, delivering added value, quality and innovation as a single-source signage solution company.

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Albert Smith Signs’ Interview with QSR Media

Showcase your brand identity with Albert Smith Signs

Albert Smith Signs specialises in the development of identity products, utilising its understanding of the importance of “branding” to translate brand identity to market share and corporate success. From street signage to global branding, Albert Smith Signs delivers a fresh approach to showcasing your brand on signs, buildings, exhibitions and more, using a vast array of materials and sophisticated software programs that keep your brand message relevant.

For more than 65 years, Albert Smith Signs has been the flagship division of the Albert Smith Group, a global leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of identity products for many international restaurant brands, including BP-Wild Bean Café, Fasta Pasta, Hungry Jack’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Red Rooster and Subway.

QSR MediaWhat makes Albert Smith Signs unique that sets it apart from other suppliers?

Albert Smith Signs: We are a global business with an Australian head office and 100% Australian ownership. We have been in business for over 140 years. All our varied manufacturing skillsets are under one roof. We are focused to constantly innovate and automate our production process.

QSR MediaWhat are your clients asking for when you design and supply their signage?

Albert Smith Signs: They are after quality, value and effectiveness. Low maintenance, low running costs, and a whole of life value.

QSR MediaCan you tell us a little more about the process behind your designs?

Albert Smith Signs: Once our design team are briefed they collaborate with consulting engineers, our global procurement team and our manufacturing team to deliver an effective design that is buildable, delivers quality and is within our customer’s budget.

QSR Media: From your perspective, what significant trends are you seeing in the quick service restaurant industry?

Albert Smith Signs: They want external livery with a high efficacy. It’s got to have visual impact with reduced whole of life cost and be robust, to cope within the harsh Australian environment.

QSR MediaAny other comments?

Albert Smith Signs: Albert Smith Signs delivers quality products and services and provides a warranty you can rely on that has been proudly honoured throughout the long history of our company.

To see the interview on QSR Media’s website, click here

Posted on: 04.05.2016