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Gold – Gold - Bronze at National Sign Awards

At the recent Australian Sign and Graphic Association Awards (ASGA) in Sydney we were pleased to achieve recognition from the industry and our industry peers for three of our projects.

A Gold award in the fabrication category for the main identity signage at Pacific Fair

The individual 2.5 metre letters were hand fabricated from 10mm thick aluminium and fully seam welded to give a perfect edge details. The letters were supported by an internal extrusion and fixed to the steel footings. They were powder coated with a mother of pearl finish and then sprayed with an anti- graffiti coating and then installed as the eye catching outdoor feature that identifies Pacific Fair.

A Gold award in the sculpture category for the interactive water sculpture at the Gladstone marine precinct

The sculpture required both hand and machine work to deliver on the artists vision. The sculpture is 6m high and was constructed of an ACM profile with CAC- cut ribs, mounted to a galvanised steel frame. The trunk was then hand tiled with 20mm glass tiles in a mosaic pattern. The two 6m intricately welded steel frame rotating canopies were hand clad in gold and blue anodised Rimex stainless steel sheet and mounted onto the trunk at a 15 degree angle.

A sculpture that married form and function across a variety of materials – by both machine and hand.

A Bronze award in the installation category for our high level sign at Meriton, Sundale

The individual 3D , 2 metre high illuminated letters were installed on the east and west elevations of the tower. Caged scaffolding was bolted to the outside of level 56 and each individual letter was lifted by a sky crane into the caged platform. Our installers were then harnessed to lower the letters and fix them into place. The logistical challenges were complex – high winds, road closures, structural engineering challenges, safety and public protection and product lift and placement.

A sky high complex logistical challenge on the 56th floor!


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