Albert Smith Philippines (ASP) was established in 1998 with the signing of a licence agreement between the YAP Group of companies (YGC) and the Albert Smith Group (ASG). 

Just like The Albert Smith Group, the YAP Group of companies is primarily a family owned and managed company. YGC was formed in the middle seventies principally to handle the distribution of petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products for the petroleum and other related industries in the Filipino marketplace. 

Albert Smith Philippines was established to meet international customer branding and identity demand and the developing Filipino market.

A manufacturing plant was set up in Valenzuela City metro Manila, with the conversion of an old sawmill into a manufacturing facility of around 5,000 sq metres. This provided the starting point for ASP and an ideal space to grow the business. 

Albert Smith Philippines’s  strategic vision was to become the leading branding and image provider in the Philippines and as they achieved that vision and growth  a new purpose built plant was needed. 

Todays plant is still located in Velenzuela City and has 190 team members and provides a floor space of approx. 11,000 square meters. 




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